Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my child play for Sierra Surf?

We believe the strength of our club comes from our focus at every level on the development of your child’s physical skills, emotional maturity and sportsmanship. Participation in sports as a whole, and soccer specifically, can play an important role in the development of your child into a confident and respectful young man or young woman. If your child is serious about soccer, we can provide them the best coaching and resources to allow them to reach their full potential.

When is the soccer season?

We play all year. The “Fall” season typically starts in June, right after tryouts, and it ends around mid-November. We then go to the indoor season where our teams play futsal and/or indoor soccer. However, some of our teams play outdoors through January (NorCal and Tournaments). The “Spring” season starts around March. Please know, many of our players participate in winter sports, such as skiing, and those player take a break during the winter months.

How many days a week do teams practice?

Typically, our teams practice 2-3 times a week.

How long are practice sessions?

U8-U10 players will practice for one-hour. U11+ players will typically practice 90 minutes.

What size are the soccer balls?

Under-8s and younger play with a No. 3. Under-10 through Under-12 play with a No. 4. Players Under-14 though adult use a No. 5.

What is the Olympic Development Program (ODP)?

US Youth Soccer ODP, established in 1977, is the original Olympic development program in the United States. Formed to identify a pool of players in each age group from which a National Team could be selected for international competition, selected players are exposed to the nation’s top coaches from collegiate institutions, U.S. Soccer and the professional leagues. Programs exist in each state and with competitions such as the US Youth Soccer ODP Championships, Interregional Training/Competition, Regional Camps and International play. US Youth Soccer ODP continues to lead the way in elite player identification and development. US Youth Soccer ODP is an approved program of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

What is NorCal Premier’s Player Development Program (PDP)?

The objective of NorCal’s PDP is to:

  • Identify motivated, talented players – with club assistance.
  • Assist clubs in the player development process.
  • Showcase and promote players to US Soccer’s National Teams and Training Centers, Professional Clubs, id2 and College Soccer programs.

NorCal Premier achieves this by providing:

  • A professional training and game environment.
  • Specialized training with experienced coaches – PDP staff and International coaches.
  • Games – International trips, National Tournaments, College Showcases and Regional showcases.
  • A homework and evaluation program.

The program is FREE for players. The league funds the PDP program using part of team registration fees from NorCal Premier League events. Additional information can be found at NorCal’s website.

How does Sierra Surf decide where to place players on teams?

It is important to remember, the goal of moving players around is for development. It is not to win games, or for players to be with their friends, or to keep players together because “they’ve always been together”. Players should play where they can achieve individual success. Having said that, towards the middle of each season all coaches are asked to submit player evaluations and recommendations to the Director of Coaching (DOC). Coaches may not submit ratings for their own child. They are asked to identify players on their team(s) that deserve a chance to play at a higher level. They are also asked to identify players that should be considered to move down. The DOC and coaches will work together to place players where they belong.

What should a parent do if they feel a problem exists?

We encourage parents to share their concerns by talking directly with coaches. Very often, coaches are unaware of problems that might exist or of certain behaviors that are upsetting to your child. Parents and coaches can (and should) work together to successfully address issues or concerns. However, sometimes that is not possible, and parents should contact the Director of Coaching or the Club President.

How are coaches selected?

Sierra Surf Soccer Club is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization. We encourage parent-volunteers to coach, so long as they’re willing to follow our club’s curriculum, and, they’re committed to obtaining their coaching credentials. We could not offer our program without these dedicated volunteers. Coaches must pass a background check and must show an ability to work with children in order to coach for Sierra Surf.  

How much travel is involved?

The travel commitment varies from age-to-age, and team-to-team. The reason teams travel is the pursuit of competition (with the exception of older teams who are trying to be “seen” by college coaches by attending college showcase tournaments). The younger teams in the club can generally find plenty of competition in the Northern Nevada area. Teams also participate in tournaments each season as well. As teams mature, they will often go out of town overnight in order to challenge themselves by playing more competitive teams from other cities.

Is it okay to not attend tournaments, or games where travel is involved?

We notify families of tournaments months in advance, and we ask that you plan accordingly. Missing a tournament can significantly impact a team, especially if the team has a limited number of players. If you’re ever aware of a scheduling conflict (or a potential conflict), you should let your coach know as soon as possible. The sooner the better, so the coach can plan for your absence. We understand family emergencies and/or unexpected events occur, and we would never fault a player in those instances.

Do I register for both the fall and spring season?

If you are registering your child for a recreational team, then no, you do not have to register for both the fall and spring season. If you are registering for a competitive team, then yes, you will have to register for both the fall and spring season.

Does Sierra Surf Soccer Club offer families scholarships?

Yes! We never want to deny a family the opportunity to play soccer based on their financial situation. Our club offers a phenomenal scholarship program that can cover up to 100% of the registration cost, depending on the need. Each family must apply for a scholarship. Please visit our Financial Aid page, or contact your Head Coach or the Director of Coaching for more information.

Can I get my child into individual training?

Yes. There a a number of Sierra Surf coaches who work with players on an individual level or in small groups. Sessions are done outside of regular training times, and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact the Director of Coaching for more information.

Is playing time during games guaranteed for all players?

Yes and No. For “Recreational” and “Pre-Competitive” teams, players can expect to play 40-50% of all games. For players on competitive teams, players can expect to play 40-50% of all games, except in tournaments. In “must-win” games, such as quarter-final, semi-final, and finals, coaches play to win, and sometimes players will not play at all. That is it the nature of competitive soccer. Additionally, players may sit-out of games for disciplinary or commitment issues, and it’ll be communicated to the player and to parent(s) in advance of any impacted game.

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