We Believe in Development

The mission of Sierra Surf is to introduce the game of soccer to the youth of all ages and skill levels, with the purpose of providing the opportunity for each player to develop to their highest potential. Sierra Surf strives to maintain a soccer environment that embodies the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect, and teamwork, meanwhile, enhancing self-esteem, promoting self-confidence, and cultivating a lifelong passion for the game of soccer. We are committed to:

  • Having a shared organizational goal of inspiring young athletes that fosters a love of the game
  • Establishing standards and expectations for players and coaches, on and off the pitch
  • Creating and maintaining a supportive and adaptive soccer culture, where development is at the core
  • Providing our members with a high level of customer service that ensures a quality experience
  • Creating an age-appropriate curriculum that is used to guide a player’s development
  • Evaluate and appropriately place every player, every year, to maximize their development
  • Recruiting and retaining exceptional coaches, trainers, and volunteers
  • Giving useful feedback to players and coaches frequently
  • Ensuring effective leadership and management over the entire organization
  • Creating and maintaining a culture that encourages family and community involvement
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