Refund Policy

We understand that a player’s circumstances may change before the start of a season, and sometimes after the start. Sierra Surf incurs costs each time a player registers with us to play soccer; from league fees to Player IDs, tournaments, and equipment. These costs are fixed, so refunds are often very difficult for us to provide. Below is the refund policy.

  • Requests made prior to the first day of team practice: full registration fees, minus the non-refundable league(s) and player registration costs
  • Requests made after the first game of the season: 50% of full registration fees, minus the non-refundable league(s) and player registration costs.
  • Requests made after the start of the 2nd game of the season: no refunds will be granted

Refund Request Procedures: Please simply send an email to and explain what you are looking to do. The date of your refund request is the date the email is sent.

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