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Return to Play (Covid-19)

Like all youth sports organizations, Sierra Surf wants to get back on the soccer field, yet we’ve been mindful of the health and safety of our players and families. Returning to play must be done methodically and in a manner that stresses the health and welfare of youth and adult participants.

Sierra Surf will follow all phases of the return to play, as defined by the local, state, and the federal government. These instructions and protocols are subject to change at any time or as conditions may warrant. The dates for each phase will be announced by the government, and participation on the part of any player, coach, parent, or other official is subject to the dates and protocols provided herein.

The link will show you Phase II – Return to Play City of Reno and Washoe County


There are many aspects to the Return to Play, but the ones we want to point out are:

  • Sierra Surf supports any decisions to not participate on the part of youth, parents, and adult leaders/coaches who are uncomfortable participating in soccer activities for any reason. Sierra Surf will not discriminate or in any way penalize players, parents, coaches, or officials if they choose not to participate
  • No spitting is allowed by soccer players, coaches, or officials, period
  • Sierra Surf will only engage in activities approved by its governing bodies, namely, US Club Soccer and Nevada Youth Soccer Association
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