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A Word About Politics in Youth Soccer

Unfortunately, it exists…

Sierra Surf wants to keep the politics out of its club, and ultimately force it out of youth soccer. We won’t tolerate it from our Coaches or parents, and we won’t get involved in the drama from other coaches or clubs.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on poaching players. Poaching, loosely defined, is asking a player to join our program while they are registered with another club. This applies to coaches, managers, players, AND parents talking to other players. No one involved in Sierra Surf is permitted to approach another family/player and discuss joining our club during the season. We know many coaches and parents from other clubs violate this policy, but it’s not our job to enforce the policy.

If a family wants to leave our program, for any reason, we will “release” the player without any delay or any reservations. At the same time, if a family wants to join our program, we will bring them on, staying above board and following all the rules of NorCal, US Club Soccer, and USYS, and all other soccer organizations.

At Sierra Surf, we believe if we do things the right way, “players will come.” We don’t chase players/families because winning is secondary to developing children into upstanding young adults, and developing soccer players that play the game correctly.

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